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Ride With Your Mind
Demo Day - Sunday 25th March 2018 9.30am till 4.30pm
Held at Hartpury College, Hartpury House, Gloucester GL19 3BE
6 Different Presentations
Learn new skills, understand more about fascia in the horse & rider, see demonstrations of rider biomechanics in action, Q&A session and much more!
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Preliminary Schedule
  • Mary Wanless Lecture: Toolkits - The three toolkits which make up the training of horse and rider.
  • The Basics of Fascia - A demonstration with Mary Wanless BHSI and Rikke Shultz using a painted horse to show fascia in the horse. Mary will also demonstrate fascia for the human form.
  • Groundwork - A  demonstration showing how groundwork can be use to affect fascia and develop the horse correctly with Mary Wanless and Ali Wakelin.
  • Rider Biomechanics Demo - Mary works with two riders which she has not worked with before, demonstrating corrections in the human fascia and the effect on the horse. She'll be focusing on corrections in the Superficial Front Line and Superficial Back Line.
  • Lateral Lines & Spiral Lines - Using a painted horse Mary & Rikke discusses the lateral lines, the spiral lines which then turns into a ridden demo of bend v jacknifing with a Dressage Judge's perspective
  • Advanced Rider Demo - How the rider, with fascia in mind, can work "core to core" demonstrating the huge amount of influence a rider can bring to bear. Great demonstrations from all levels of riders. Hosted by the foremost rider biomechanics expert Mary Wanless BHSI BSc & danish vet Rikke Shultz
  • Audience Questions - A chance for the audience to ask questions and get answers from our panel of experts.
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Mary Wanless BHSI BSc
Mary Wanless is an internationally renowned coach, and is the author of the Ride With Your Mind books. She has also authored twelve DVDs. She considers herself the most serious researcher worldwide into rider biomechanics.

Mary coaches riders at all levels, from many ‘average’ riders to several renowned US dressage
riders. She has B.Sc. Degrees  in  both  Physics  and Applied Sports Coaching, and  holds  the BHSI certificate. When her ‘outstanding work came to the notice of board of trustees’ she was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

Mary considers that public speaking is her only talent! Whilst she is unusually good at coaching,
riding and writing, these are all learned skills. Her coaching career in the USA  began  in  1991
with an invitation to speak at the California Dressage Society annual meeting. She has also spoken at the US Dressage Federation’s Annual Convention.

She has known Kyra Kyrklund and her husband Richard White for many years, and  taught Richard before he left the UK to become Kyra’s partner. Over the years, Richard became Mary’s coach, and they frequently collaborated over the biomechanics of riding. Her other teachers have included Nuno Oliveira, Egon von Neindorff, Ferdi Eilberg, and Hans Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen.

Mary has coached US dressage star Heather Blitz for over twenty years, and they now have a
reciprocal coaching relationship. Heather has brought to the RWYM approach her own unique ways of solving training issues, and she is a genius at ‘getting through to’ horses of all types and
dispositions. Her skills as a trainer have been built on exemplary rider biomechanics, and this
gives them unrivalled clarity. Mary considers Heather our best living example of correct   rider   
biomechanics, put to work through wonderful training!

Rikke Schultz
Rikke Schultz is a veterinarian who has ridden Icelandic horses since the age of six. She competed
in dressage and show jumping, has trained Andalusian horses in Germany, then Icelandic horses in
northern Iceland. The Icelandic horses can have very wild youngsters which gave Rikke incredible
experience with the behaviour and handling of the horses on  their ground.

Rikke spent some time on the Board of Danish Breeding Association, and held the position of
Chairman for a period. During this time she also taught Icelandic horse riding and participated as
a reserve on the Danish team to the European Championships in Denmark in 1989. She is also a
qualified practitioner of Veterinary Acupuncture and Osteopathy as well as Homoeopathy for animals.

After graduating from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural College in 1992, she moved to
Skagafjord in Iceland and started her own  mixed  practice with all kinds of animals as patients.
It was 51/2  years  with many exciting tasks which it was possible to undertake without having too
many aids  at  hand.  The experiences could sometimes be likened to the television series with
James Herriot; People and Foe!

Her main areas  of  expertise  are  the  examination and treatment of horses with reduced
performance, viewed with a holistic approach. They are treated with complementary methods, such as
acupuncture, osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapy while at the same time guiding and advising the

Rikke has published two books Understand your Icelandic Horse, and Understand your Riding Horse in
multiple languages.

Ali Wakelin

Ali Wakelin is a fully certified RWYM coach. She has been trained by the world renowned coach and
author Mary Wanless. Ali teaches alongside Mary at clinics on a regular basis at Mary’s Oxfordshire  yard.

Ali is  a  BHSAI,  a  certified  RWYM  coach,  holds a Diploma in Sports Psychology, and has also
undertaken extensive training  in  the  methods  of Dr ANDREW MCLEAN (Australian Equine Behaviour
Centre – Ali is one of very few trainers outside Australia who have trained in
this method.

Ali combines Rider Biomechanic training (RWYM), Clicker training and the classical, scientifically
based horse training system of the AEBC into a unique Horse/Rider learning experience. This system
of training is both ethical and evidence based (based on the most recent scientific research). Ali
strongly feels that gadgets, force and punishment have no place in any training system.

Ali’s methods are suitable for all horses and riders whatever their age, stage of training or type.
Ali has trained many different types of horses/riders using this system including members of the
British Icelandic Riding Team, British Endurance team riders, TREC competitors, all levels of
dressage and many show jumpers. This method also offers long-lasting and reproducible training
solutions to  many  behavioural and handling issues such as loading, clipping and spooking.

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